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* Drivers of 7-14 years of age.
* All drivers must be approved by the Promoter.
* A minor release form must be filled out each season.
* If a Parent or Guardian is not present at a race event, a designated Guardian is mandatory for each race.
* Minor must be accompanied by an adult at all times when in the pit area.
* Parent or guardian is responsible for the actions of their minor child.
* An operational Raceciever is mandatory for all Drivers so they may receive direction from Officials when on the track.

* Kart & Driver 275 pounds.

* Open. Any Kart type Rims/Tires.

Fuel Specs:
* 110 Octane Race Gas or Methanol only.
* Fuel must be purchased at the track.
* No E85, Oxygenates, Fuel Enhancers or Additives of any type.
* No blending of Fuel Products in any way.
* Fuel is a Tech item & may be tested at anytime during competition.

* Any 10 HP and below factory stock block.
* Max overbore 0.140" over stock Bore.
* May run any Piston & Rod combination desired.
* Billet Side Covers, Cylinder Heads and Flywheel OK.
* Aftermarket Carburetors OK, i.e., Mikuni or Tillotson Carburetor.
* Stroker Cranks OK.
* Aftermarket gas tanks OK.

* Minimum size 26 inches wide by 28 inches long with minimum 10 inch side boards.

Modifications Not Allowed :
* No aftermarket blocks.
* No Turbo or Super Chargers.

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