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Lakeport Indoor Go Karts 2021/2022

Box Stock Rules

All changes are highlighted in red.

*All points divisions are allowed two sub drivers for the 2020/2021 season. If you are a  substitute driver, you may only sub two (2) times, total. All subs must notify the tower and be  approved by score keepers. Open drivers may not sub for 250 drivers. 250 drivers may not  sub for Box drivers. Box drivers may not substitute for Beginners. In order to be a substitute, you must meet the age requirement of that class and be approved by the promoter. Failure to adhere to these requirements shall results in not being scored and removal from the track.

(Any and all partial substitutes will require approval by the promoter prior to the event/race



Age:7- 13 years old. All Drivers must be approved by Speedway.

* All Box Stock Drivers should be prepared to present a copy of their birth certificate on

registration day.

* An operational Race-ceiver is mandatory for all Drivers so they may receive direction from

Officials when on the track. Minor release is mandatory. A new release is needed for every race season.

* When a parent is not present at a race event, a notarized minor release form is required to allow the minor to participate or attend.

* Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in pit area. Parent/guardian is

responsible for the actions of the child.

* Bike riding/playing in the pits is prohibited. Any parent/guardian or pit crew observed verbally orphysically abusing other drivers may result in a fine and/or loss of points for their driver. NO EXCEPTIONS


* Gasoline only in this class. Fuel must be purchased at the track. May use 91 Octane Gasoline

or 110 Octane Race Gas. No Methanol, E 85, Oxygenates, Fuel Enhancers or Additives of any type. No blending of fuel products. Fuel is a Tech item.


Minimum Weight of Kart and Driver is #270.


Open. Any brand tire ok.


* Briggs 206, black slide required

*Sealed B&S motor running the Black slide Part No. RLV 555590 B&S / exhaust system

including the newly develped Outlaw Kart exhaust package. Part No. RLV 5530. (No modifing

of the pipe or muffler allowed)

*NOTE: Owner/Driver will be responsible for motor being legal. You are responsible to make

sure official seal is attached and untampered with. Subject to penalty.

*All motor will be subject to tech as specified by the B&S 206 United States Rule Set. (B&S

Racing Class Sturcture, or Clutch Rule does not apply [open clutch rule]).

*Spark plug: 2020 is a transition year for the approved spark plug. The timing below is

required to allow the retail channel to stock the new plug and ensure that all competitors

can comply with the new specification.

1. Through March 31, 2020: Only the B&S unaltered factory spark plug part number

#555737 Champion RC12YC is permitted. Spark plug must have the “Champion” and

Briggs & Stratton logo as well as the “RC12YC” identification on the insulator. 2. After

March 31, 2020: Only the AutoLite AR3910X unaltered OEM spark plug (B&S part number

#84005196) is permitted. Spark plug must have the “AutoLite” and “AR3910X”

identification on the insulator

Things you MAY NOT do:

1. Modify or alter any physical part of the motor.

 2. Remove, alter or leave off air filter.

3. Modify or alter header, you may not install E.G.T. sensor into header.

4. Muffler may not be altered or welded to the header


* All sealed Engines are subject to Tech at all times.

* Owner/Driver responsible for broken Seal issues. Broken Seals must be reported to Tech  Inspector immediately. Engine may be held up to five days for inspection.

* $500 cash protest fee must accompany protest form for any engine protested.

* If Engine found illegal, the Engine will be returned unassembled & illegal parts confiscated. Protest fee returned minus insp. fees. 

* If Engine found to be legal, protest fee will be forfeited to reassemble & seal the protestedEngine.


* Broken seal (air box) penalty

* Air leak penalty

* Header penalty

* Flywheel timing DQ

* Valve spring DQ

* Carburetor DQ

* Manifold DQ

A penalty means that you will not be allowed on the track for your next scheduled event, i.e.,

qualifying, heat, dash or main.


Speedway alone reserves the right to exchange a house prepared Engine that has been verified and is in good running order, for any Engine on any specific kart or karts; for any reason, at any time during the race/event.

All items under the seal will be exchanged. This will be a permanent exchange. The selected

Engine will be surrendered immediately upon request by Speedway. The house prepared Engine will then be marked and released by the Tech Official to be installed on the kart. The kart must continue the race night/event with that Engine only. The selected kart owner/driver will have five minutes from the time he or she receives the request to surrender the engine to comply or be disqualified.

No engine exchange of any other kind will be permitted. The exchanged engine will be inspected and upon approval will be placed back in circulation on the next exchange. Speedway reserves the right to make any variance to this rule.

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